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The RF propagation courses review groundwave, skywave and earth-space propagation modes relevant to the design and implementation of radar, communications, remote-sensing, electronic warfare, surveillance and other systems operating in the Medium Frequency (MF) to Extra High Frequency (EHF) bands. The occurrence and magnitude of various types of electromagnetic noise is also discussed.

Emphasis is placed on providing an understanding of the physical principles involved, of current modelling and prediction techniques, and of the limitations of such techniques in practical situations.

The courses are based on a graduate electrical engineering course given by Dr. Palmer at Carleton University, Ottawa.

Both standard and customized course presentations for RF Propagation, HF Single Site Location and Superresolution Direction-Finding techniques and other topics are available.

Course Content (5 day Overview Course - RF Propagation)


                     Definitions and nomenclature

                     Groundwave path-loss - geometric optics

                     Groundwave path-loss - wave theory

                     Empirical modelling of groundwave path-loss

                     Terrain obstructions - buildings and foliage

                     Other propagation modes - buildings and tunnels

                     Multipath effects

                     Measurement of multipath parameters

                     Groundwave paths - time and space statistics

                     Tropospheric structure

                     Tropospheric effects - refraction and ducting

                     Tropospheric Effects - scattering and absorption

                     Tropospheric Effects - precipitation

                     Tropospheric Effects - time and space statistics

                     Air/air, air/ground and maritime systems

                     Terrestrial effects on system performance

                     Terrestrial systems - computer models

                     Ionospheric structure - the geomagnetic field

                     Ionospheric structure - equatorial and high-latitude

                     The disturbed ionosphere - sporadic-E, spread-F etc.

                     Propagation in ionized media - magnetoionic theory

                     Skywave propagation phenomenology - MF and HF

                     Skywave propagation phenomenology - VHF

                     Measurement of ionospheric parameters

                     Skywave path-loss and signal statistics

                     Skywave effects on earth-space system performance

                     Skywave systems - computer models and ionospheric databases

                     Undisturbed earth-space paths - time delay, etc.

                     Disturbed earth-space paths - dispersion, etc.

                     Transionospheric effects on systems

                     Other propagation modes - meteor scatter, etc.

                     Diversity techniques

                     Electromagnetic noise - solar and cosmic

                     Electromagnetic noise - natural terrestrial

                     Electromagnetic noise - manmade