Our clients have included (often with multiple contracts):


                     Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO) in support of:

o                    The Advanced Land EW Analysis Technologies (ALEWAT) Project

o                    The Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Project

                     Calian Communications Systems Ltd.

                     AGRA Monenco/Spectrocan Ltd. in support of:

o                    Argentinean PTT Automated Frequency Management System (AFMS)

o                    Jabatan Telekom Malaysia

o                    Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf: Telecommunications Bureau, Bahrain

                     Communications Research Centre (CRC) in support of:

o                    Department of National Defence (DND) Tactical Command, Control and Communications System (TCCCS / IRIS) Project.

o                    CRC-COV

                     Lockheed Canada Inc.

                     Tactical Technologies Inc.

                     Atlantis-Scientific Systems Group Inc.

                     Frequency Management Associates Ltd.

                     ZETA-IDT Inc.

                     CRIL Telecommunications Inc.

                     Integrated Circuits & Systems Ltd.


And we have also secured a three year standing offer with:


                     Industry Canada (Spectrum Management & Telecommunications)