What we do:

E-field Communications Inc. is a Federally Incorporated Canadian company which provides specialist expertise in a number of related areas:


         Modelling, simulation and assessment of the full range of radio frequency propagation effects on the performance of:

o                    Communications, Surveillance, Remote-Sensing and Electronic Warfare systems

o                    Terrestrial, Skywave or Earth-Space systems

at frequencies from MF to EHF.

         Design of field-trial measurement programs for collection of data to support system design or performance assessment.

         Technical literature searches to characterize world-wide or regional behaviour of system-critical parameters such as multipath delay-spread, rainfall, tropospheric refractivity or ionospheric scintillation indices

         Training courses in electromagnetic wave propagation and in propagation related performance limitations on all types of RF systems operating between HF and SHF.

         Independent evaluation of system implementation options and contractor proposals


And E-field Communications has:


         Security Cleared Personnel

         Controlled Good Registration Program certification

         Field experience from the High Arctic to Southeast Asia